Sherlock Holmes – my second stage of precis on HOUND/BASKERVILLES

Chapter 3 – The Problem


Dr Watson admitted that when he heard the words he was chilled by them.

Holmes coolly pressed Mortimer concerning the marks, and was informed that they were a fair distance away from the body and were on the main path. There was no sign of *anything* on the grass, and thus nothing to indicate an approach towards the corpse in any way.


Mortimer revealed that he could tell that Sir Charles had stopped by the locked wicket-gate for 5 to 10 minutes. The evidence for this was the cigarette — an item that had disassembled itself into two small piles so it must have dropped twice.

Holmes praised Doctor Mortimer and now well and truly was interested .. but also cross that he could not be himself present at Baskerville Hall at the time.


Mortimer then said that before Sir Charles’ death a few people had reported that they had seen a large beast roam the fields ; which was possibly supernatural.

The description was quite similar to that of the infamous hound.

All of Charles’ brothers were now deceased, and of those only one had left an heir. His name was Sir Henry and he was the very last member of the Baskerville clan.


Mortimer then said that the young gentleman would arrive in London from Canada tomorrow, but was unsure if Sir Henry should go to a place where all his forefathers had met their ignominious fate.

Holmes thought that it would be right for Henry to go to Baskerville Hall and to face his destiny – hopefully in a more positive fashion (!). He also told Mortimer that he would make a decision in the space of a single day.

He finally requested that Mortimer return to his study tomorrow, at 10 am , and bringing Sir Henry along with him. They then would be able to then discuss the whole case in further detail.


Holmes said goodbye to Mortimer outside the flat after asking one last question, and then came back inside to talk to Watson.

Watson left for around an hour to come back from Bradley’s – – finding a smoke-filled study. Holmes explained that he had been in the process of crossing the astral plane to visit Baskerville Hall – in spirit form!


Then the genius sleuth rolled out a map showing the dwelling around the hall, pointing out a hamlet, Dr Mortimer’s base, two farmhouses and a house belonging to a naturalist that Mortimer had mentioned.

After wondering what category this demon hound belonged to, the two friends  then talked about Sir Charles standing by the gate.

Holmes thought that the late aristocrat was waiting for someone else, and went on to take fright from the gloomy moor that night.

But now all the duo could do was to wait until the scheduled meeting the next day with Sir Henry.


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