Doctor Who: Mini Reviews of the Classic Series – The Twin Dilemma (Colin Baker’s debut)

A very different TARDIS crew from the one that opened the run of stories in 1984.


A really unremarkable storyline but some great acting from Baker, Kevin Mcnally, and Maurice Denham help matters considerably. Mestor is pretty poor as a design but has some pretty nifty powers and the whole sequence of his demise – and Azmael’s at the same time – is actually very good. One of the few stories in Classic Who that does improve with each episode, but remains very mediocre all the same.

(As a kid.….

I  got this as an exclusive VHS release from Woolworths about 22 years ago… and I quite liked it, certainly more than the Krotons. The need for some follow up to the open ending of ‘Caves of Androzani’ meant that I was very intrigued by this new, and remarkably fickle version of the title character. The production values being poor did not bother me as they have since gone on to do. However even at the age of 9 I felt some moments were pretty laughable) …..

A perhaps generous 6/10.



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