Doctor Who: Mini Reviews of the Classic Series – Revelation of the Daleks

Along with ‘Space Pirates’ and ‘Image of the Fendahl’ this is Classic Who’s stab at Doctor-lite. This is  a term that denotes a story where the title character plays a role in the story’s resolution but has far less screen time and direct influence throughout the story than normal.

Everyone is well-cast in this – and unlike some fans I do count Tasembeker and the D.J. T

There is a clever and fascinating plot, which although dense is quite easy to follow.

The steady opening episode gives way to a hectic but coherent closing episode. The black humor is wonderful.

Like ‘Genesis’ the Daleks get little to do directly but are a very scary concept .

And Davros is just awesome, for me Molloy really pushes Michael Wisher hard for best performance of this iconic villain. In some ways I wish he didn’t show up in Remembrance as its a definite step down in that story.

The Cancellation Crisis.

It comes as a surprise for many that Colin Baker’s first full run of shows ends so well, but then an announcement is made that the program will not return in January 1986 as most had come to expect.

Some feel that the damage had been done with ‘The Two Doctors’ and one or two other stories in the season which had poor storylines. Relatively poor ratings compared to other primetime shows in Season 21 also played their part and a far from enthusiastic controller for BBC1 decided to omit Doctor Who altogether.

I will write my reaction and perspective on this interim period between seasons 22 and 23 in a future post.

The final act of a Grand Knight

— Some further reading:,_starting_in_1985


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