Doctor Who: Mini-Reviews of Classic Series – Terminus

An adamant Nyssa of Traken.


This is a story I used to strongly dislike, but time has mellowed my opinion.

I last watched this an episode a time, which I haven’t done in the past. The story has a lot to it, but as many viewers remark, the Black Guardian stuff is awkward. Apart from helping the story to get going through the Tardis break-up it almost verges on the farcical, given how far out of reach the Doctor is from Turlough, making his mission to kill the Time Lord a non-event.

However Strickson and Fielding already have some great chemistry and some other acting from the guests is pretty good too. Shame about the score – Roger Limb could do good stuff (‘Traken’, ‘Androzani’, ‘Revelation’) but this is probably his worst and just reinforces the doom and gloom.

Could have been better but is still definitely one of the most intellectual and re-watchable of the 1980 shows. And how adorable is the Garm?!! (His final moment of joy upon being released is somewhat hilarious).

My Rating: 7/10

What a good dog-man you are.



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